• Rocio Soto


Updated: Mar 7, 2019

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:19

I often think about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden before the fall. How wonderful must of been to be in the presence of the Lord, there were no time outs in their relationship, no breaks, no disruption. I imagine they felt satisfied, protected, a sense of freedom like no other.

Oddly, I also find myself thinking about their nakedness...not literally but figuratively. Nakedness as in the state of their hearts and minds, always exposed to the Lord, no garment or leaf covered their thoughts or desires. Their thoughts of themselves were His thoughts. There was oneness. After the fall this whole dynamic changed, they had to cover themselves up, their trust in the Lord was broken, sin, shame and guilt fractured their relationship.

As a mother of four kids I understand the weight of shame and guilt. Shame when I lose my temper over small things, guilt over words spoken out of frustration, afterwards leaving me feeling far from the Lord. But what if vulnerability is the bridge between the Lord and I? an invitation to restoring a broken relationship? In my vulnerability the Lord's power, influence, capacity, ability takes over my weakness. My exposed heart and mind are covered with the garments of love and mercy. Grace takes the place of my vulnerability allowing me to draw close to the Father, no longer seen as a stranger or a sinner, but as an adopted daughter. A mother who despite her many failures is accepted and restored.

Just as my children have learned to come to me or their dad with their pain, shame and guilt. I must also do the same with the Father and honestly it can be difficult at times, because just like Adam and Eve tried covering up themselves, I also tend to do the same. I try fixing up my mess only to find out I've only made things worse! I must expose myself to the Lord completely and allow Him to make a covering for me because His Grace is sufficient.


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