• Rocio Soto


Updated: Jun 25, 2019

"Unless you change and become like little children..." Matthew 18:3

Have you ever wondered about Jesus' words in matthew 18:3? How can a grown person become like a child again?My five year old and I have some pretty interesting conversations sometimes and the simplicity on how she sees life and others allows me to understand Jesus' words clearly. If she desires to embark on an adventure she is confident that it will happen, why? because she trust us, her parents, to help her through it. She simply asks for things and says "ok" when we tell her to wait, she doesn't get upset and even if she gets a little impatient she knows her mom and dad will come through for her. There is a lot of correction and direction in her life but, she is confident that her parents love her and want the best for her. No harm will come to her from her parents and she just simply trusts. How many of us have that type of trust towards our parents, people...God? When we come to God with our prayers and requests do we simply say "ok" and wait? I know I don't.

As we grow older our knowledge increases and we leave childhood behind because we know "better" but what if the intent is for childlikeness to increase? our ability to trust in the Lord more, to receive direction and instruction better, to be dependent beings. We teach our children to do things on their own because we want them to be independent and have no need of anyone, but that is the opposite of what God designed us for. We are to run to the source of wisdom and knowledge, to ask for direction at all times. We are to make God the center of our lives not live independent from Him. Independence from God means dependence on something else.

The parent and child relationship truly models the heart of God toward us. We are being trained to rely on Him, to come to Him with our success and failures and just as an earthly father cares for his own children how much more our heavenly Father would care for us if we just simply trust Him?


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