• Rocio Soto

To the little girl...

To the little girl who feels confused, unwanted, unloved and afraid,

I’m here to tell you that you will go through so many things that your little head won’t understand

People will use you and abuse you.

People will laugh at you for not having a father

Your mother will discharge all her anger on you

You will feel alone and at night you will only feel safe because

You can be awake and not have to close your eyes

Barefooted you will go into the kitchen looking for food

You find a piece of bread and sit in the dark thinking about tomorrow

At school you’ll have many friends and you’ll have good grades

School is your escape, no one can touch you there.

Little girl, as you grow so does your shame.

People can see and people will take advantage of it.

Little girl, your life will be filled with so many bad decisions in search for someone to love you.

Little girl, the pain you’ll feel is masked with anger and unforgiveness

The pain you’ll feel is too much for you to handle

Little girl, no one knows how to help you.

Little girl, you will think your life is over and so you give up.

Little girl, let me tell you about Jesus.

Little girl, on the darkest night of your life Jesus will tell you “cry out to me and I will answer and will show you unsearchable things you do not know”

Little girl, you will know the truth and be set free.

Little girl, you will know Jesus and understand that

He has always seen you, He never forgot about you

He was sitting there with you in those steps while you waited for your father to return home

Little girl, Jesus gave you a brother so you wouldn’t feel alone.

Little girl, Jesus surrounded you with friends to encourage you.

Little girl, it’s now time to release the old you. To see the way God sees you.

Little girl, do no t be afraid to look in the mirror. The Lord sees your face and has breath the breath of life into your nostrils.

Little girl, it’s time to say goodbye to the pain and hurt. A beautiful exchanged happened long ago, way before you were born.

Little girl, you are now in righteous standing with God because of Jesus.

Little girl, forgive yourself, finally.


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